Where are New Mexico's Electricity Sources?


In New Mexico in 1994: 70\% from coal, 25\% from nuclear, 1\% from gas turbines and small internal combustion engines, and 4\% from hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wind, and biomass.

New Mexico electric customers are served by:

New Mexico's biggest utility (half the NM market) is PNM (Public Service Company of New Mexico). PNM is an ``investor-owned utility'', with stockholders owning more than 44 million shares in common stock. Its primary legal obligation is to make profits for its stock holders.

Most of PNM's power comes from the San Juan Generating Plant in the four corner's area of New Mexico:




Some of PNM's power comes from the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Generating Plant, 55 miles west of Phoneix Arizona, the largest power producer of any kind in the country (3810 megawatts).