"Spring for Solar 2010"

at the International Green Ideas Show 2010

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Sat., 4/10: Exhibits - 10am-5pm; Workshops - 11:00am-4:30pm

Sun., 4/11: Exhibits - 10am-4pm; Workshops - 11:30am-3:30pm

at Albuquerque Convention Center, East Hall



NMSEA at International Green Ideas Show

Spring for Solar!

On April 10 and 11, New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) will present workshops on energy savings and renewable energies at the combined International Green Ideas Show and Home Builders and Remodelers Showcase!

For information about the workshops and other aspects of the event, click a link below.

Workshops Sponsored By:


Sacred Power Corporation


Sandia National Laboratories



In our first such collaborative endeavor, New Mexico Solar Energy Association is pleased to present workshops on ways to save energy and introductions to solar technologies.

Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

Workshop Tickets: All weekend - $5. All-day Sunday $3.

Topics include:

  • Saving Money on Energy Bills
  • Simple Household Energy Improvements
  • Introductions to:
    • Passive Solar Design
    • Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics, PV)
    • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Savings Achieved by All the Above Measures (by people living with efficiency and renewable energy)
  • Financing Solar Projects
  • Living with Solar

Why Go to These Workshops?

These workshops provide a path to energy savings and greater comfort for every home.

    • Begin by learning how to find, then reduce or eliminate energy waste in your home.
    • No- and low-cost measures will go a long way toward making your energy use go even further while increasing your comfort.
    • If you're building or remodeling, attend an introduction to passive solar design to learn how efficient materials and basic passive design principles can decrease the amount of energy needed to power the dwelling.
    • Introductions to solar heating - a way to offset one of your highest energy uses - and solar electricity - called "photovoltaics" or "PV" - will explain terms and show how these systems work.
    • Financially-based workshops will show how to use government tax credits and utility incentives to reduce the cost of a solar system and how to figure the length of time it will takes to offset your investment and start getting a return.
    • Finally, homeowners who have installed energy-saving and solar measures will tell of their experiences.

Directions to the International Green Ideas Show

The show will be located in the Albuquerque Convention Center, East Hall in downtown Albuquerque on the northeast corner of 2nd St and Tijeras Avenue.

Please spread the word and enjoy Spring for Solar at the International Green Ideas Show!