What is the "Power" of Solar Electricity?

Course Outline / Table of Contents

  1. How did mankind discover electricity?
  2. Does the sun provide enough energy to sustain all our energy needs?
  3. What photovoltaics that we can use right now to convert solar energy to electricity?
  4. What is a multi meter?
  5. What is a solar watt meter?
  6. What is Voltage (Volts, or "V") ?
  7. What is Amperage (Amps, or "A")?
  8. What is Wattage (Watts, or "W") ?
  9. How can a toy solar electric car be used to teach the basics of solar electricity?
  10. What is scientific notation or "powers of ten"?
  11. What are diodes & light emitting diodes?
  12. What is Resistance (Ohms, or "R")?
  13. How is voltage, amperage, wattage, & resistance used to calculate electrical energy?
  14. How can solar energy be stored as electricity?
  15. How does an electric D.C. motor work?
  16. How do series and parallel circuits work?
  17. What is "horse power"?
  18. How does the diameter of the wheels affect the cars performance?
  19. What are gears, why are they needed, & how do they work?
  20. The next step: Solar electric transportation for the "real world". Discussion on how solar energy can alleviate global warming, & a lot of pollution.

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