What is the "Power" of Solar Electricity?

Mini Solar Electric Course

This mini solar course offers a safe, fun hands-on way to understand how solar light is converted to electrical energy, how this electrical energy is regulated through a charge controller to charge a battery or capacitor, and then how this electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy to power & steer a little truck (by remote control).

The hands-on portion will show how to use, make the correct meter settings and connections to the test points on the truck for multiple real time* voltage & amperage measurements.

*A real time example might be with the truck parked on a jack stand, one of the meters included in the set could measure the voltage and amperage that a solar array is collecting from light and sending to a battery or capacitor for storage. Simultaneously the other meter that is included can be connected to measure the electrical power being consumed while having the vehicle perform different functions.

The digital readings taken by the meters can then be noted, and the mathematics portion of the course shows how to "plug" these numbers into color coded electrical formulas to calculate power and efficiencies of the different steps and functions.

The little truck can also then be operated with the remote control in a normal manner.

Main Components:

Mini Solar course components
  1. Full function large scale multimeters with operating instructions.
  2. Little Solar Monster Truck with test points & connectors.
  3. Solar remote control with turbo button.
  4. Display case with jack stand.
  5. The course booklet provides step by step color coded script and color pictures.
  6. Also includes basic formulas, work sheets, and a power point CD.

Mini Solar Electric Course...........$249.00