What is the "Power" of Solar Electricity?

Micro Solar Electric Course

This micro solar course offers a fun, economical, hands on way to understand the basics of electricity as well as how solar light is converted into electricity to directly power a micro electric car that can race on drag or oval tracks.

The course material provides color coded script and color pictures for a easy visual comprehension of key technical terms.

The hands on portion shows how to set and connect the multimeter to get various voltage and amperage real time measurements.

The mathematical calculations utilize the actual measurements taken and apply them to color coded formulas for an easy understanding of how basic electricity works, and a general understanding of how solar electricity works.

Main Components:

Micro Solar course components
  1. Full function multimeter with operating instructions.
  2. Fully assembled chassis with motor & gears. (No gluing or soldering needed).
  3. Flexable, shaped, solar array with wiring.
  4. The course booklet provides step by step color coded script and color pictures with basic formulas and work sheets.

Micro Solar Electric Course...........$59.00