What is the "Power" of Solar Electricity?

The new course What is the "Power" of Solar Electricity? is now available.

This course uses multi-sensual integrated learning technics, promoting connections to different learning abilities. These technics allow students who have had little or no exposure to how electricity works easily grasp the basics, and provide a good foundation of working knowledge for those with a desire to go on in the technical - professional fields.

By opening with real working solar powered model cars as the central piece for portable hands on lab tests. Learning about solar electricity really can be fun! (When learning something is fun you don't forget it). In conjunction with the hands on experiences a visual demonstration of how water analogies work like electricity is presented. In the written material that is provided with this course the technical electrical terms needed to converse in and calculate electricity are memory enhanced by assigned appropriate colors. Click here for course outline.

The new leading edge materials and components (ultra capacitors, thin film solar panels etc.) included in this course are an important part of learning about the future while safely learning how basic electricity & specifically how solar electricity works. Click here for materials & components list (pdf).

Price list for solar electric education courses:

Micro Solar Electric Education Course$ 59.00
Mini Solar Electric Education Course$ 249.00
What is the Power of Solar Electricity? (Master course)$1100.00