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Fuel Cell Exhibits

NMSEA owns two fuel cell exhibits: Here is a picture of one of them, which we purchased from Carolina Supply (

We are happy to bring this to schools in New Mexico and demonstrate it, time and resources allowing.

Also see our Fuel Cell and Electrolysis project in our curriculum 

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Here is a description of the system pictured above: The system works by using sunlight to make electricity in a solar cell, then using that electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis. The hydrogen produced by this reaction is stored for future use. Hydrogen from the storage tank can then be mixed with oxygen from the air to produce water, heat, and electricity. The electricity produced is used to drive the motor that is used as a load for the system. This system uses PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology as an electrolyte rather than caustic chemicals. As a result, all you need to operate the system are distilled deionized water and sunlight. This system comes with the PEMEL-PRO electrolyzer, PEMFC kit fuel cell, solar cell with cables, fan motor with cables, graduated hydrogen storage tank and instructions. Everything is completely assembled on a sturdy base. The electrolyzer and fuel cell are both removable and can be disassembled for inspection by students.
Gas storage: 40 mL H√ (40 cm≈ H√)
Dimensions, 175 mm H 530 mm W 150 mm D; wt, 1,450 g (3.2 lb)
Electrolyte: None; uses PEM technology

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