Micro Solar Cars!

To get involved with our toy solar car program, call Monte Ogdahl at 505-422-2268

NMSEA is now selling the MICRO SOLAR CARS pictured below in limited quantities. Click here for our retail section.


NMSEA member Monte Ogdahl began designing and testing some solar retrofitted electric toy cars in January of 2000. After some initial presentations, the first cars traveled with the SunChaser2 (our solar education trailer) to schools and public events in late 2000, and have ever since.

Here is a picture of Monte, with solar powered/cooled thinking cap on, dreaming up some hot new cars!

Monte's original cars were approximately 1 - 2 feet long, and utilized the larger radio controlled cars that are available at toy stores. These cars were and still are very successful with visits by the NMSEA SunChaser2 at schools. Some pictures of some of these larger cars can be found in the latter half of this page.

More recently, Monte has developed matchbox size solar toy cars (Micro Solar Cars!), which are much cheaper, easier to build, and robust to rough play. NMSEA is now selling these cars. 

Here are some pictures of the Micro Solar Cars:

Kids playing with the cars at the 2002 NMSEA Solar Fiesta:

Big Kids playing with the cars!

The innards of a car:

The solar charged capacitor (for energy storage):

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Pictures of Monte's earlier, larger cars: 

The "Solar Coup":

The "Solar Baha":

The "Solar Bus" (complete with transmitting video camera)

The "Solar Trainer"

The Model T solar car (NMSEA previously sold a limited number of these before Monte developed the much earier to build solar mico cars):

These solar radio-controlled cars have been very effective in getting the attention of children and adults. Many kids are familiar with the battery powered radio-controlled cars; great fun while the batteries last; about 15 minutes, with a one to six hour recharge! When the kids experience these cars performing better than the battery cars and realize that they will go all day, they realize solar energy is truly powerful and their interest is peaked for learning more about alternative types of energy.

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