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Promoting Renewable Energy and Sustainability Since 1972


As a leader in New Mexico's Solar Energy industry you know that although the general public has started down the road to a renewable future, there is still a long road to travel. For nearly 39 years NMSEA has brought a vision of this future to the people of New Mexico. Like the unrelenting desert winds in spring, our volunteer efforts have worn down the resistance of ignorance through continuous education for adults and children on how Solar Energy benefits us as individuals and as a nation.

This atmosphere, engendered by the hundreds of NMSEA volunteers, contributes greatly to the creation of a climate of prosperity to the solar industries in our state. Our people teach, watchdog, promote and support renewable energy in dozens of ways. We actively inform our members and the public at large concerning upcoming energy legislation and the effects it could have on our lives.

With your help we can continue to be strong! With the downturn of the economy over the last few years, NMSEA's ability to receive grant monies to continue its mission has been limited, and without your help we are reaching a critical juncture wherein our infrastructure and ability to affect our mission efficiently needs support. We want to continue the programs that have given New Mexico a powerful vision of what its future can be. Please work with us as we spearhead the movement of this state into being the nation's leader in progressive attitudes towards the uses of solar in our daily lives.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to be a Solar Superstar. Our Corporate Sponsorship packages give you many options to associate your company with the country's oldest grassroots sustainable energy organization. We have programs that you can choose to individually or collectively support. For each program you choose, we will feature your company logo physically on site and on our website. Your company name and/or logo will be announced at the event and in all publicity associated with the event. Companies choosing the Supernova or Aurora levels will be acknowledged at all NMSEA functions.

Additionally each sponsorship will allow your company to award membership in NMSEA to your employees and/or your customers. They will have access to the NMSEA newsletters keeping them informed of important updates to legislation, advancements in energy and sustainable building and the activities of the organization.

Thank you for your past and future support of NMSEA's mission. Attached you will find a list of NMSEA's programs, current and proposed. We hope you will help us help you to bring the message of renewable energy and sustainable building to the people of New Mexico.


Rose Marie Kern
Development Director

Here are some of the current and future programs that NMSEA is actively involved with:

Sunchaser Education Program - Designed to bring the science of solar to schools all over the state, NMSEA's Sunchaser teachers follow a curriculum designed by scientists and educators and published on our website. Each Sunchaser Kit contains examples of passive and active renewable energy activities and exhibits.

Solar Fiesta! - An annual 2 day event drawing thousands of participants featuring exhibits and workshops related to renewable energy and sustainable building and living. This event brings information to the general public in an entertaining and easily digestible format while promoting New Mexico green businesses.

RE Watchdogs - Although as an educational 501c3, NMSEA may not pay for lobbying efforts, our members keep an eye on legislation in the local, state, and national arenas. We then pass along these happenings to our membership so you can make informed decisions with votes and contact with governmental representatives. Our members attend open forums associated with upcoming legislative events to voice opinions.

NMSEA Adult Education Workshops - NMSEA brings practical hands on education for the installation of Photovoltaic systems, Passive solar water and air heating, Alternative fuels, Solar Cooking, Passive solar home designs and many other aspects of sustainable living to the average homeowner, so that they understand the physical, environmental and legal requirements.

Chapter Leadership and Support - Around the state NMSEA has chapters to carry on the work of the organization. Your funding pays for chapter speakers and leaders conferences. Chapters meet monthly and participate in programs designed to educate their communities.

NMSEA Solar E-lerts - News emails sent to the membership to notify them of upcoming solar legislation, NMSEA events, and other programs in a timely and efficient manner.

Long Distance Education Program - An educational program currently in the planning and funding stage which will create a comprehensive educational program that can be accessed by schools and individuals through an interactive website.

General NMSEA Administrative support - Most of NMSEA's work is done by volunteers, but a central office and staff are needed to coordinate cohesive efforts. This includes the creation and maintenance of our website and newsletter, coordination of chapter, Sunchaser and fundraising activities.

The SunPaper - A bimonthly newsletter reporting the activities of the organization, upcoming legislation and programs, and highlighting the efforts of individuals and related organizations to further the goals of sustainability.

Passive Pioneer's Dinner and Reception - A celebration of the Solar Architects of New Mexico who have achieved national recognition for their work in creating residential and business structures which embody the ideals of a sustainable environment. This year's event will take place at the 2011 Solar Fiesta.

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