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This page contains general office information, contact folk for various boards and projects, webform links to request information or assistance and, way down at the bottom, a link to join the NMSEA-News e-mail list.

General Office Information

Local Phone: 505-246-0400
Toll Free: 888-88-NMSOL / 888-886-6765
Fax: 505-246-2251

Office Location

1009 Bradbury Dr SE, #35
Albuquerque, NM  87106
Driving directions to the office.

Office Staff

As of this time, NMSEA has the following staff in the office during these approximate hours:

  • Ragan Matteson - General Hours: Monday (1pm-5pm), Tuesday (1pm-5pm), Wednesday (CLOSED), Thursday (1pm-5pm) & Friday (1pm-5pm)

If you are coming to the office, please call a day ahead to confirm someone will be available to meet with you.


NMSEA has two boards - the Voting Board and the Advisory Board.

Voting Board

The Voting Board is elected to two-year terms, half elected annually.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of members of the Voting Board and includes a President, Vice-President(s), Secretary and Treasurer of the organization. They are elected by the Board at the final board meeting of the year.

President Gary Vaughn (SunChaser Coordinator & Instructor)
Vice President Monte Ogdahl (Solar Cars Designer, EV Workshop & SunChaser Instructor)
Vice President Athena Christodoulou (Albuquerque Chapter Coordinator)
Treasurer Barbara Menicucci
Secretary Jim Barrera (Solar Fiesta Committee)

Balance of Voting Board

  • Janet Bridgers (Publicity)
  • Mars DeLapp (Webserver & Listserve Manager)

NMSEA Advisory Board

NMSEA's Advisory Board is comprised of people who wish to be active in or supportive of NMSEA in some way but do not want the time constraint and responsibility of being on the Voting Board. Currently the Advisory Board consists of:

Odes Armijo-Caster Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal
Elya Arrasmith
Gale Zander Barlow
Charles Bensinger Alternative Fuels Questions
Carl Bickford
Richard Burns
Mark Chalom
David Dobry
Wayne Evelo, Jr.
Robert Griffin Green Building
David Hughes
Rose Marie Kern Solar Cooking
R.P. Bohannan
Marlene Brown Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics
Michael David Lipkan
Mary McArthur
Jim Palmer
Eric Robinson Solar Heating and Cooling
Randy Sadewic Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics
Allan Sindelar Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics
Howard and Virginia Stephens
Julie Stephens Energy Efficiency Education, Passive Solar Design
Steven Stephens Sustainability, Rammed Earth Construction

Committees and Other Contacts

Budget and Funding
Committee Jim Barrera, Janet Bridgers, Mary McArthur, Barbara Menicucci, Monte Ogdahl, Randy Sadewic, Gary Vaughn
Bulk Mail
Coordinator Gary Hendel
Committee Lisa Hendel and Mike Prine
Coordinator Vacant
Chapter Leaders See the Chapter page.
Committee Janet Bridgers, Mary McArthur, Barbara Menicucci, Monte Ogdahl, Gary Vaughn
Coordinator Vacant

We express our heartfelt thanks to Ray Shortridge for organizing volunteers to create a NMSEA presence at a number of events over the last year! Ray, we wish you the best in your new endeavors and look forward to seeing you in other NMSEA projects!

Solar Advocacy
Coordinator Ron Herman
Solar and Sustainable Directory
Coordinator NMSEA Office
Solar Fiesta See the Solar Fiesta Committee page.
Solar Home Tours
Coordinators Taos, Scott Evans
Santa Fe, Tom Engel
Others, Vacant
Solar Model Car Program
Coordinator Monte Ogdahl
SunChaser Program
Coordinator Gary Vaughn
Instructors Gary Vaughn, Ron Offley, Monte Ogdahl, Bryan Pletta, Lisa Silva, Gayle Simmons
Editor Ron Herman
Taos Solar Music Festival - Solar Village
Coordinator Karlis Viceps
Committee Scott Evans
General Editor Allan Davies
Event Calendar Chere Hartman
Google Apps Carlos Aguayo

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