This Year:

Annual Conference/Retreat 2003

Past Retreats:

Annual Conference/Retreat 2001

Remarks on annual Conference 2000 and conference info  

Remarks on Conference 1999

General Conference Description:

NMSEA holds an annual conference each September dedicated to furthering solar and related arts. Beginning this year, we will not have workshops in the traditional sense at the Annual Conference anymore, as these will take place at our much larger and more accessible Solar Fiesta. Instead, the annual conference will now focus more as a retreat, with activities such as panel discussions that get to the root of how solar should be promoted in New Mexico.

The past: Since 1972, this conference has traditionally been entitled "Life Technics". Until this year it consisted of workshops, key note speakers, an invitation for five minute talks by attendees, workshops, a general membership meeting including election of board members, and one of our bimonthly board meetings. Life Technics also traditionally included the Annual Peter Van Dresser Small Village Sustainable Development Workshop, in honour of Peter Van Dresser, New Mexico solar pioneer, and a key founding member of NMSEA.


The Annual Conference is a great way to meet NMSEA members, learn about solar and related arts, and have an all around great time. Hope to see you there!