New Mexico Solar 
Energy Association

Fees and Registration

Annual Conference Fees

Members                            $38.00                     

 Non-Members                    $50.00                     

Student (with ID)               $20.00                     

Note: If you sign up for an NMSEA  membership, you may take advantage of the rate reductions immediately.

NMSEA Membership Fees

Individual & Family            $ 25.00           

Student (with ID)               $ 15.00

Business & Government        $ 50.00          

Sponsor                              $ 75.00

Lifetime Individual             $200.00       

Patron                                $100.00

Lifetime Business                $300.00

Program Ads

Full Page                      $100.00                                  page                         $25.00

Half Page                         50.00                           Business Card                   $15.00

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Conference is seeking sponsors for the following:

The opening night reception                          The Sunday Luncheon

A first aid station                                      Entertainment groups

Educational Workshops                              Carry Bags and T-shirts

If you can help in any of these areas please call Rose at (505) 299-2939.

Any Company or Organization that contributes $500.00 or more toward the Solar Fiesta will be mentioned in all advertising.  Contributors of $200.00 or more will have their company name included in all flyers and displayed at the Conference.

Registration Form (please print and send by snail mail)

Contact Name_______________________________________________

Company or Organization_______________________________________






Annual Conference Fee                                      $___________

Solar Fiesta Booth Fee                          __________ (exhibitors only; click here for fees)

NMSEA Membership Fee                                      ___________

Program Ads                                            __________

T-Shirt     S  M  L  XL  XXL                     __________

2000 Annual Conference Proceedings     __________ 

___Printed  or ___Disk

                                   Total Fees        $__________

Please check if you need the following:

_______Electricity                                           _______Table and 2 chairs

_______Southern Exposure                            _______Exhibit is on a trailer

_______Water                                                 _______Need larger space



NMSEA is holding a silent auction during the Solar Fiesta.  We are requesting contributions from all exhibitors.  Would you like someone to contact you regarding a contribution?     Yes       NO

Copies of the Conference Proceedings will be available either in printed form or on disk.  They are $10.00.

Official Solar Fiesta T-shirts are available for $15.00.

Would you like to give a 5-minute talk?                 Yes          no

*All persons giving a 5-minute talk must turn in a paper or disk covering there information ahead of time at the conference.

Please send check or Money Order covering all fees to :

NMSEA, P.O. Box 8507, Santa Fe, NM  87504. 

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